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Customer Testimonials


Excellent advice and service:

Si (Colese) has been a massive help in sorting out the tyre/suspension and spacer sizes for my van... after some extensive discussions regarding spacer sizes, we worked out what would suit my requirements (Hub-Centric of course!!). Once confirmed, they were custom made along with new longer bolts and delivered inside of a week - excellent service!!
It's nice to deal with someone who has extensive knowledge and is enthusiastic about the subject in question; honestly if you need spacer/alloy/tyre/suspension-height advice he's the guy to talk to.



Massively helpful, Can't seem to do enough:

I bought a set of wheels from Simon, couldn't do enough for me, numerous calls/messages - overall well chuffed. I have used in the past and will be using again on the future.



First class service as usual:

I have bought from simon a few times and his service is always first class.



Awsome wheels from a top man:

Bought my brock b2s from colese, gave me loads of help and advice, very knowledgable bloke, top man to deal with, thanks again simon, cheers.



Very Good service. Cleaned up the paint no end! Looked like new afterwards:

I waxed it the next day as you advised. Looks great. Cheers Simon.



Excellent service, recommend highly:

Well pleased with the work done, very helpful, some great advice given, thanks for making the trip over; would recommend to anyone.......real pleasant guy as well

(van is awesome too).



Fitted my rear seat,nice and tidy,top man:

Cheer Si.



Top man, top with absolute confidence:

firstly a HUGE thanks to Colese (aka Si) for delivering again... dreamed of these since my MkI GTi days ... and now i have, top quality wheels, delivered with tyres at an amazing price.... Si you are a star.



Had my van lowered by Simon, it was a top job done by a top bloke:

I would happily let Simon do work on my van again.



Absolutely fantastic banded steels, pleasure to deal with:

So happy with them Si, they look fantastic. 2012 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use